Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Havaş or Muttaş serve between Dalaman and Marmaris?
Answer: Yes, both of them provide transportation services until Marmaris Bus Terminal. However, when you arrive at the Marmaris Bus Terminal with Havaş and Muttaş, you need to go to the bus station where you want to go by taking a taxi and paying extra amounts.

Question: What are the Transfer Service Hours between Dalaman and Marmaris?
Answer: Our arrival and departure service times vary according to domestic flights at Dalaman Airport - Marmaris. Between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris, we have a shuttle service that is mutually shared for all domestic flights. For details, please contact our call center.

Question: How Many Km and How Many Hours of Transportation Between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris?
Answer: Dalaman Airport - Marmaris transportation is 96 km. The journey takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Question: How much is Dalaman Airport to Marmaris Transfer Price?
Answer Our shared shuttle transfer price between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris is 8 GBP per person per way. Our private transfer prices vary according to vehicle types.

Question: Which Vehicles are Used in Dalaman Airport - Marmaris Shared Shuttle Transfer Service?
Answer: In this service, 7-8 seater Mercedes Vito or 14-16 seater Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are used according to the passenger density.

Question: Will I be Greeted at the Airport, How Will I Contact You?
Answer: The telephone information of the vehicle, driver and the person to meet will be sent to you via SMS, at the latest before your flight departure time. At the exit, you will be guided by 724 Marmaris Transfer signage or your name and your vehicle will be directed.

Question: If My Plane Is Delayed?
Answer: Since we received your flight number at the time of booking, your flight is tracked by us. In case of a serious delay, your transfer will be made with our next service.

Question: How Does the System Work?
You can make your reservation by contacting us at our Call Center, which provides service 24/7 or by filling out the reservation form on our website.

Information We Ask from You:
* Name and Surname of all passengers
* Contact phone number and mail address of at least one passenger
* Your arrival and departure dates and flight codes
* TR ID number or Passport Number of all passengers (As of 1 November 2018, Ministry of Transport D2 has brought this obligation to all agencies doing transportation.)
* According to the new law, reservation must be made before boarding the plane.
* Your reservation confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail and / or sms.
* Payment is accepted in cash on the vehicle.